3D Printing Courses Have Just Started!

Specialized Solutions is pleased to announce that a new round of 3D printing courses have just started for this summer.

The course is held at Faculty of Engineering at Helwan University. Whereas Nozom Company had provided the mentioned faculty with many labs and tools in 2014 to ease the courses process for both instructors and students.

Specialized Solutions Company is honored to participate in taking this generation for a whole new level of education and technology. The company has been preparing the educational material, taking the responsibility of providing the course with instructors and 3D printers and it’s all for free.

By the course end, all students get a certificate from Nozom, Helwan University and Specialized Solutions. The courses are held periodically in different times of the year.

Whenever you feel interested in learning more about 3D printing, Specialized Solutions is ready to give a hand!