3D Printing

3D Printing

Our Aim is to provide new solutions which aid in diagnosis, surgical planning and treatments as well as a demonstrative aid for your patient condition specialized for every patient which will help you gain his trust, comfort and confidence.
Educational Sector : The goal of our department is to help instructors using the 3D printing technology in the education process. 3D printing provides several features that can revolutionize education. Some of them are the following: It provides instructors with three-dimensional visual aids that they can use in their classroom.

3D printers make it easy for teachers to seize the interest of their students compared to just showing the pictorial representations of objects. It enhances hands-on learning and learning by doing. Using this prototyping technology, students will be able to produce realistic three-dimensional mini-models.

(Suitable for engineering, architecture, and multi-media arts students.) It provides more room for interactive class activities. In biology, for instance, teachers can create a 3D model of the human heart, head, skeleton, etc. to teach students about the human body. So as a result, the student will see a real life object that helps him or her understand a concept, visualize a complex item or process, see a monument or a historical character, or even transform his imagination into tangible objects. The instructor will be able to design or order a 3D print tailored specifically to her or his needs and his choices will not be limited to what is available in the market.


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