• Real Estate Operations Organizer is an application that helps companies working in this field in managing the marketing, sales, payments collection, and after-sales operations.
  • It does so by allowing them to record all the data about their projects, units, customers, reservations, contracts, marketing campaigns, sales activities, payments, and support cases. From this data, all type of information can be extracted in a number of reports. This gives a complete oversight of the activities, helps in giving a better customer support, and is an important tool in evaluating the performance of the different activities.


Features of the Real Estate Operations Organizer

  • It is bilingual
  • Stores detailed information about each project and its corresponding units.
  • Imports units data from CSV files.
  • Permits the change in units data and keeps a log.
  • Indicates the building state of each unit.
  • Stores maps and pictures corresponding to projects and units.
  • Stores units reservations and their duration.
  • Allows to specify the minimal payment percentage for a confirmed reservation.
  • Permits the cancellation or extension of an expired reservation.
  • Stores contracts data including installments details.
  • Permits contracts cancellation.
  • Stores payments made by customers, their types, and details.
  • Imports payments from CSV files.
  • Produces different type of reports on units, reservations, payments, etc...
  • Exports data to be able to use it in different applications or upload it to a web site.
  • Stores detailed information about customers.
  • Stores sales activities like meetings, calls, offers, etc...
  • Stores marketing campaign details and measures their results.
  • Stores customer support cases and their outcome.
  • Associates customers with their reservations and contracts.
  • Sends SMS to remind customers of installments dates.
  • Sends SMS containing marketing messages.
  • Produces decision support reports containing complete information on customers.
  • Creates a role based environment for accessing data which makes each piece of information available only for the right party.
  • It comes with a complete user guide.
  • It is distinguished with it's high performance and easy usability.


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